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You see there the most recent stuff first

and as I was looking at the results of this
hit I noticed one paper that
really changed an important way I have viewed
Protandim visa Vee cancer and I discussed
this with a number you this morning and
this is a big topic Protandim and cancer patience.
[Document From PubMed.Gov]pub med gov document
















This paper it looks a not Protandim
but curcumin in one of our ingredients
and curcumin in it of itself is a NRF2
activator Protandim is greatly amplified
it works better than curcumin
because we’ve got the synergy of the five
but the mechanism is the same curcumin activates NRF2
Protandim activates NRF2 more strongly and just look at
the title this paper and I think this can speak to you
there it’s a little obtuse maybe but you can look at
that title and figured out. Curcumin the golden spice
from Indian saffron.

The researcher here is doctor
Agarwall from India and he has a particular affinity I
think for for Ayurvedic Medicine for traditional medicine from
India is at Baylor medical Center in Houston Texas.
Well-known in the field of NRF2 activators.
So curcumin if the chemo sensitizer and radio sensitizer
for tumors, what does that mean tumors are treated with
chemotherapy and with radiation. The reason for
treating tumors with those two treatments and they both
increase oxidative stress substantially, is that unlike
most other therapies you
get from the doctor tend to make your
cells work better these two are designed to kill cells.
Because your body if you have cancer contain cells
that are rogue cells, there out of control
there multiplying, trying to overtake your body
and a concern has been because chemotherapy in
radio therapy both increased oxidative stress in an attempt to kill
cancer cells.

There’s been a controversy for number
years is antioxidant therapy a good idea here because
you may actually protect the cells that you want to kill.
Using a therapy to put focused oxidative stress on the
cells with the idea of pushing them over the edge killing
them. Therefore I have recommended to everyone who’s
asked me for the last five years. “Should I take Protandim
if I’ve got a cancer diagnosis and I’m about to undergo
chemotherapy or radiation therapy”,My conservative response
has been because this is controversial, some scientists argue
don’t do it because you may protect the cancer. Others have
said do it because you may protect the other tissues more than
you protect the cancer. We didn’t really have a definitive answer.

This paper says activating NRF2 actually sensitizes the tumors
to radiation and to chemo, so it’s gonna have a bigger a effect on
the cancer The other part of that title is just as important, NRF2
activators are chemo protectors and radio protectors for normal
organs. So imposing a NRF2 activator changes the way that tumors and
normal tissues respond to radiation and it does it in the best possible
way. It makes the radiation more effective at eliminating the tumor
and less effective causing damage to the rest of your body.

What’s my point here. This is it a changing scenario.
Every week I do these searches myself I look at the most
recent new papers that have just hit the press, and this is the
kind of thing I learn and it changes the way I view Protandim.
I said what I say today about it is very different from
what I said four or five years ago, and this is precisely the reason.
Where in the middle of a rapidly changing field and we need to
stay tuned to this company and to sites such as www.PubMed.gov
to get the latest information. So dont
just sit back and say I learned about Protandim a year
ago I’m going to use what I learn then you need to keep at it
I wish it were simpler but it isn’t it’s complicated so hang in there.
Do your best to keep up with this, do your best to use
this as an impressive tool. If you sit down with someone who’s
trying to decide should I take this supplement or
another supplement a competing product perhaps flip open
your laptop type in www.PubMed.gov and say what the other
supplement your concerned about or considering type it.

Some of them actually do have peer-reviewed published
studies, not many products, most products you type and
you get no hits at all it’s not there and they may say well the
company says on their website a does this it does that,
okay if it’s true they should submit it to a journal they should
get a peer-reviewed published paper then it will mean something.

Dr Joe McCord

























Protandim is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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2 thoughts on “Dr Joe McCord Protandim and Chemotherapy

  1. Dear Sir / Madam,
    My mother recently have been complaining on strong head ache, it was going on for three days and she started vomiting. We went to hospital and discovered that she has brain tumour on the back of the head few centimetres from the left ear (3.7 cm). The results says that this is cancer (Glioblastoma grade 4). After an operation she start getting better but very slow and yesterday we went to the hospital for the CT scan, and doctor Sayed that it’s getting worse and we have to start radiotherapy as soon as possible. After that we discover another tumour in front of the head. For now we done 5 stages of chemotherapy and finally tumour start shrinking by 40%.
    She has big damage of chemotherapy and I can see that she getting worst slowly.
    I would like to ask you if PROTANDIM will help us in this situation.
    I read some benefits of PROTANDIM, but I don’t want make situation worst, also fill my mum sick. I wold like to ask you advise if it safe to use Protandim for my mum.
    Any help from you would be beneficial.
    Hope to hear soon from you.
    Kind Regards

    • Robert Darren Neilson says:

      I would first off like to say, Our hopes and prayers go out to your Mother. As a person who has lost his mother to cancer. (Was before Protandim was discovered) I can feel your pain and concern. I would also like to tell you that Protandim is the best help with oxidative stress. I believe you will be greatly informed and encouraged by this amazing video that has GREAT news for people with cancer. The video is a presentation from the Elliott Cresson award winning Dr McCord who discovered Protandim. He explains the wonderful effects Protandim has on people taking chemo and radiation treatments 8=) SIMPLY AMAZING!!

      Dr Joe McCord Talks about Protandim and Chemo
      BeBlessed – Darren Neilson

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