Dr Alice Reed on Protandim

Dr Alice Reed on Protandim

13 Sextillion Free Radicals per day….

I am Dr. Alice Street I am internal medicine I’m traditional in internalDr Alice Reed speaks about Protandim
medicine. I have always lot had an interest in wellness. So naturally I have lots of patients who bring me information who bring me ideas and I go to the anti-ageing conferences but about two years ago one of my patients and retired anaesthesiologist Dr. Sharon Phillips. She came to me with
Protandim and she said you got read about this you gotta get on this it is something big. She was excited and so I said let me see it and I had a look at the ingredients, and I said well I take most of these, there good herbs, there real
good products, that’s great and then I found it was network marketing, of course i said oh! I’m not doing that stuff, don’t get me involved in that.
Fortunately she kind of stayed on me. She stayed on me, ever time I saw her she told me about Protandim. Then Gab Pearson who is the fellow who brought Protandim to Jacksonville
Flordia. He brought Joe McCord to University of North Flordia in October about 2010 She came to my office and said you got to go to UNF and see Dr Joe McCord speak about Protandim. Reluctantly I said ok. Well it’s Tuesday night I’m whining, whining its on a school night as I call it and I go, I called my husband Bill I say we gotta go to UNF tonight we got to hear this guy talk about this product is network marketing and he’s extremely negative, but we go. Were in our little seats and out walks Joe McCord he’s got a presence. He just starts talking about oxidative stress and his
research in Protandim and I am I’m on fire, I’m just so excited, I’ve have just returned from anti-aging conference in Orlando the AFN forum big big big thousands of people big stuff and they talked about
genetics and changing your jeans and putting your skin cells in the deep freeze and all this kind of outside the box thinking conversations and a lot it was genetics and having your genes do the work. So after I’m listening, I said wow this is just amazing divine intervention.

We call Sharon immediately and we start taking Protandim

maxresdefaultand we took Protandim for about three months and
I noticed that I had more energy, and menopause fog is gone. I was sleeping again, Wow I really feel better. My husbands blood pressure was down he’s now on a fourth of his dose, his blood sugars were down, they weren’t high but they were a little above a 100, 115 and now there in the 80’s and his creatinine actually which is about 1.2 is down to 0.8, so I was pretty impressed with all this and I said wow great product. Fortunately we had the good sense to start also
do in the business and I basically left that my husband is a great job with the business so I have forever been thankful to Gab Pearson and Sharon Phillips for bringing this to me, This is a very very good products. What I want to start with is the oxidative stress now we used to call that in the 70’s free radical damage. Every one talked about free radicals, Our body makes 13 sextillion free radicals a day. That’s 13 with 26 Zeroes after it.

So free radical damage is everywhere

and we’ve always talked about thatfreeradical_antioxidant and we combat that with antioxidants. Now what we didn’t know what we
discussed what Joe McCord discovered is that we have a set of genes that makes antioxidants. Those are the survival genes and make antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. So when we were young we had
a set of genes that is working for us, combating a million free radicals per second for us and that’s neutralizing free radical damage. What happens
when you’re free radical damage is high in your antioxidants are low that difference is called oxidative stress and that’s now the buzzword as opposed to free radical damage we use the term oxidative stress. As Dr Joe McCord research points out oxidative stress is linked to hundreds of diseases, probably almost all diseases and it is the cause of gene mutations inflammation etc. So the goal is to decrease oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals with the antioxidant so as I said we’re young we
had a set of genes that poured out antioxidants combating a million free radicals per second really given us a chance on that 13Sextillion number. But somewhere along the way in our 20’s that process
kind of peters out. So Joe McCord he has spent the last 40 years in the lab trying to figure out how to wake up that process and in the 90’s they discovered that inside your cell there’s a messenger called a Nrf2 messenger that speaks to your DNA and actually is the one that did that work go to your DNA and tell your DNA to kick out all those great genes of survival genes antioxidant products and also kind of calm down the bad genes. That’s why were younger we don’t age we grow and grow healthy
so what is happening is everyone has been trying to discover how to wake up this NRF2 pathway and do that, well that is Protandim and so people ask what is Protandim? This is too good to be true . I tell them Protandim is a Nrf2 activator. It is not an antioxidant, it is a natural product that tells your DNA to make your god-given antioxidants, At the tune of a million per second. That is what Protandim is, this is not something that Protandim made up.

The Nrf2 messenager was discovered

Nrf2 Messenger
in the 90’s. There are other pharmaceutical people trying to figure out how to wake up this Nrf2 pathway and Protandim has done it. Protandim is 5 nutraceuticals. It’s turmeric, which has been around for centuries. Anti-inflammatory, anticancer properties, green tea also has been around for many many years, milk thistle fabulous for cleansing the liver. 2 herbs ashwagandha and bacopa and those are 2 herbs very good for adrenal stress and mental clarity. So those are the five nutrients in Protandim. There very low doses, there synthetically combined.


So as I was saying to Dr Sharon Phillips Oh I take all those individually, that in not how it works. It’s the synergy of the way Dr McCord has put it together in the nutraceutical product. and that is what Protandim is. Now people will say you know that’s just too good to be true, I don’t believe this, this is crazy, we send them to www.PubMed. Gov {Public Medical Government} www.PubMed.gov is the NIH website {National Institute of Health} that’s where all our research and data is. If you were to actually go to www.PubMed.Gov and put in oxidative stress you’re gonna get over 150,000 articles on oxidative stress
and disease. So we send people to www.PubMed.gov and put in the search box “Protandim”.

Protandim has 23 peer-reviewed studies.

Peer-reviewed studies are studies done by other peers. The peers to Dr. Joe McCord other PHD’s other MD’s who are doing research. He sends his data to these individuals, they’re not even together, an individual places and others review his data. All of the individuals involved have to agree
with the results for it to be peer-reviewed and to be published. So Protandim has 17 peer-reviews. If you go to www.PubMed.gov and put in Protandim. The first peer-review you proves that Protandim in 30 days decreases oxidative stress 40% in 100% of mammals. They measure oxidative stress by TBARS, TBARS approximates measurement. We know that high TBARS’s has always been linked to cardiovascular disease, so Protandim in 30 days was proven by measuring TBARS to decrease oxidative stress 40% in 100% of mammals, 100% of the time. It also showed in that 1st peer-review, that
within a 120 days which is 3 months which is about the time people really start to notice a difference. That the SOD {Super Oxidized Dismutase} and catalase, 2 of the biggest antioxidants we have in our DNA made through


Protandim, that it is unregulated 30-40%, so this is all proven in the first peer-reviewed study. The 2nd peer-reviewed proves that it is the synergy of the five products. It is the way Dr McCord put them together, the strengths in the amount that he used. The  synergy of the product that makes Protandim a Nrf2 activator, they tag the Nrf2 pathway and saw
that Protandim lit up that pathway and it was proven to be a Nrf2 activator. So when I was saying I take all those herbs, that is not gonna do it. It’s got to be in the perfect synergy, and there are patents for that. We have 6 patents on that synergy of the 5 products. The 3rd peer-review is a great one. It proves Protandim increases Glutathione 300%. Glutathione is probably one of the biggest antioxidants.
Glutathione is huge or I should say the absence of Glutathione is huge and movement disorders parkinson’s, learning disabilities, autism so Glutathione is huge. People are trying to get Glutathione all the time. When I go to these anti-ageing conferences, and I go into the expo there are several
people trying to sell Glutathione, Glutathione a very big molecules, very hard to absorb, so people try to get into iv injections or nebulizers Glutathione is huge and Protandim stabilizes the enzyme that converts to Glutathione and thus upregulates at least Glutathione 300% and that is proven in the 3rd peer-reviewed. The another peer-reviews are studies with both rats and mice, there are studies with rats and pulmonary hypertension, there are studies with mice and muscular dystrophy, there is
a study with mice and skin cancer

The 4th peer-review, they took the mice

and a divided into groups and in one group they divided that into two groups. In one group of them they gave just normal mice feed the other group they gave Protandim and those mice did fine. They divided up the group of normal mice feed and they painted these mice with toxic carcinogenic product. The group of mice in the normal feed got covered with multiple skin tumors 100% mice. The group of mice with the Protandim and feed got covered only 60% with skin tumors this was a markedly
less number of tumors that’s pretty impressive. 33% of the mice did not get affected at all by the carcinogenic product. LSU is continuing to do a lot of skin cancer studies. I think that this information is going to come out to be very impressive.

One of the other peer-veiws that I really find

dr mccord
fascinating is; We know that when you take a vein out of someone’s leg for
a bypass you’re taking a very low venus structure, you’re turning it into an
artery, putting it across their heart and making it an artery. That would be a lot of oxidative stress. We know that within a couple of weeks that venus structure will get a little bit of thickening about 50% of the lining of that new product, that new structure because of the oxidative stress and we accept that and therefore we have them on statins and aspirin and other products to try to keep that vein as stable as possible. Well when they took
a human vein and they bathed in Protandim and they exposed it to oxidative stress turning to do an artery there was zero thickening of lining of the structure. There was no intimal thickness that’s huge That’s a peer review and that is huge.

There are other peer reviews.

I have not reviewed it thoroughly but it’s going to be about coronary artery disease and the oxidative stress to that coronary disease patients on Protandim there’s a decrease in the damage to the lining of the coronary arteries so that’s going to come out as well more and more is gonna come out there’s going to be other studies coming out through the next several months to year on Protandim, so it’s a
fascinating, amazing product and you can send people to be reviewed studies you don’t have to tell them yourselves you don’t have to be the the teller of all this important information you can actually send them to www.PubMed.gov

The pharmaceutical companies are not stupid

they are aware of this. It is a very big breakthrough in Nrf2 activator. One
of the pharmaceutical companies is putting billions of dollars into a synthetic Nrf2 activator. It will go after diabetics with kidney disease. Both diseases that I see in my clinic and I get reports from patients and friends if they see proven kidney disease and diabetes just as I did with my husband’s labs. It will be an FDA synthetic drug, it will not be for anybody except if they have diabetic with kidney disease. We have Protandim and we have the first Nrf2 activator. It is all Natural, it is available to we the people, we the people actually own it. You dont need a doctor prescription to get it. It is $44 plus shipping, so you know the FDA synthetic Nrf2 will cost way more then that.

So I gotta tell you it’s big

Dr Alice Reed speaks about Protandimand it is it is happening, I get excited about it, I try to tell people this is. This is an amazing product and it is also an amazing company, amazing publicly traded company upstanding executives. I have had nothing but praise when I go to the meetings and conferences, so I just I can’t say enough about it. I can’t say enough about the science but I do think it’s important Nrf2 activator not an anti-oxidant. But it makes your own DNA make your god-given antioxidants, in the tune of eradicating 1 million free
radicals per second, so we have a way to combat that radical damage in decreased oxidative stress. Thank you very much for reading this document on Protandim from Dr. Alice Reed.





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